Lean Beef

Buy your healthy beef directly from the farm. 100% natural and traceable, low in fat and packed with proteins

At La Gantoise farm, we specialize in Belgian Blue Beef (BBB) cattle, a beef breed originally from Belgium. BBB meat is world-renowned as exceptionally lean, tender and flavourful. Pound per pound BBB meat contains less cholesterol than skinless chicken. Belgian Blue Beef cattle muscling is very impressive. Given the fine and dense muscle grain and low levels of interior and exterior fat, the meat yield is superior and its texture most tender. Additional care and resources are needed to produce the “dietetic” Belgian Blue Beef (BBB) meat. BBB is typical fare in Belgian homes and restaurants. Cooking BBB extremely lean meats requires a bit of extra care to ensure it yields its full flavour. It is best served rare or medium-rare.

Outside of Belgium, in countries with large land masses such as Canada, the USA, Australia and even England, Belgian Blue Beef is often used in crosses with other beef and dairy breeds. These crosses produce meats that are leaner than traditional beef, but more marbled than Belgian Blue Beef. This meat does not require extra care at cooking and can be cooked from well done to rare. Belgian Blue Beef crossbred meats are also more readily available. At La Gantoise we call it Belgian Blue Lefaivre (BBL).

Traceable 100% Natural Beef

meatidtag 1171195Buying La Gantoise beef is knowing where your beef comes from. It is the food chain with only two links: the consumer and the producer. Our traceability system ensures every cut of beef or hamburger meat is produced from one identified animal. We place an identification number on all our boxed meat packages. This number is traceable directly to our farm registries.

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Our label guarantees your purchase is 100% natural beef produced from cattle fed no animal by-products or growth stimulants like hormones or antibiotics.